How it all works…

The bulk of our walks are 1 hr group walks off-lead – with three dogs maximum – where a dog walker will pick up your dog, take them to Dorridge Park or Solihull Riding Club for a run around and return them towel-dried, safe and sound. We have 4 slots a day picking up between approx. 8.30-9, 10.45-11.15, 13.00-13.30 and 15.00-15.30pm. These walks suit a sociable dog that is happy to be transported with others by car and has a decent recall to voice or whistle, although we will improve this.

If you are looking for a regular dog walking slot, please drop Helen an email with information about your dog and your needs so that she can check for availability:

-which days of the week, approximate time of day are you looking for?

-where do you live? Most of our dogs live in Dorridge and Knowle.

-is your dog male or female, neutered or not, good with other dogs?

If we can accommodate you, Helen will email you a Veterinary form, a dog walking & training form, a price list and Terms & Conditions and arrange a time to come to meet you and your dog at home, collect a key and go through access to your house. 

To assess your dog’s suitability for group walks, Helen will take your dog out on his own and join up with one of our group walks or incorporate him onto a group walk (with a long training line for safety) straight away if there is a spare slot, and see how things go. If your dog joins our group walks, Helen will walk him to start with and then gradually start to introduce him to our team of walkers who have been trained up to an exacting standard so that your regular slots are always covered.

Our Policy

We will treat your dogs as if they are our own. 

We will respect your home and leave it as we found it.

We will make sure that our cars are locked between pick-ups and your dogs are either contained in car crates or restrained using our seatbelt attachments to keep them safe.

We won’t let your dog off the lead until they have been trained up to wait on command and whistle recall. Until that time, they will be walked on a long training line which will be held at first, then left to drag, until the walker is confident in their recall and they can be walked without it.

We will not walk unsterilized females in season in public parks. Instead we will walk them on quiet public streets away from other dogs; this will have to be charged at a 1-1 solo rate. 

Office Stuff

The office is usually open from 8.30am until 5.30pm, Monday to Thursday and 8.30am until 5pm on Fridays, although Helen is often out walking dogs or working with the team, so please leave a message on 01564 330500, text on 07711903516 or email at


If you have to cancel your regular slot(s), please try and let Helen know more than 48 hours in advance so she can offer it/them to someone else. There will be a 100% charge if a cancellation is made less than 24 hours before your dog’s regular walk as Helen may have turned an ad-hoc client away, however if you have to cancel a walk on the day because your dog is ill, we will waive cancellation fees at our discretion.

Your regular walk will not be cancelled because of rain or bad weather, unless the roads are inaccessible because of snow and ice and a danger to us and our vehicles.

Sickness, Injury or Post-Op

Please let Helen know if your vet suspects your dog has kennel cough. As it is contagious, we wouldn’t be able to take your dog on a group walk until the vet has given the all-clear. Please let us know if your dog has sickness or diarrhoea as it may be safer for him/her to stay at home.

If your dog has an injury, is recovering from being neutered or is in season, but you still want them to have a walk, albeit it on a lead, please notify Helen if this is required ahead of time so she can schedule them for a 30- minute solo rather than a group walk.