Our Team

When your dog first joins Dorridge Dogs, Helen comes to meet you and your dog at home. She runs the business and trains up the team of Dorridge Dogs walkers to follow a code of conduct where your dog’s safety is paramount.

Helen has a BA (Hons) in Humanities and used to work as a factual TV producer for the BBC in London before taking a career break working with street dogs in Asia. Running Dorridge Dogs by day, she teaches a range of classes for Animal Kind Dog Training in the evenings, having trained under the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) as a Dog Training Instructor.
Chris has a BSc in International Relations from LSE and a MSc in Animal Behaviour from Newcastle University. He is a qualified Dog Training Instructor with the IMDT, so mainly provides dog training and behaviour consultations whilst running Animal Kind Dog Training but he also assists Helen with the administration of Dorridge Dogs.
Cerie (since 2012) has studied Canine Behaviour at Solihull College and is an ex-dog groomer. She has a miniature Schnauzer called Logan…but loves all Schnauzers! She works four days a week and helps train up new walkers.